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Hospices de Beaune

Hospices de Beaune: a vintage guide

At the Hospices de Beaune estate just like in all Burgundy, each year has its own style and taste!

What defines a grand terroir ? A combination of factors. Soils of course, in which the roots of vines penetrate deeply (several meters is not rare), the right vinestock (varietal and clone) and high plantation density (10 000 vines per hectare is the rule in Burgundy) is a minimum. The winegrower’s know-how is also a must. And all these elements are under the influence of elements: water, rain, wind, sunshine, changeing seasons… all those factor contribute and define a vintage effect.

If Albert Bichot is recognized as an expert for Hospices de Beaune wines, being for more than 2 decades the #1 buyer at the Hospices auction, the reason (beyond our charity commitment and the family generosity) is also technical. Every year, we devote time and care to analyse the vintage conditions through numerous tastings before the auction, before we make our bidding recommendations to our customers.


Recent climate evolutions (warmer summer, earlier harvests) combined with better winemaking knowledge and sophisticated technical equipment in the wineries are also precious assets in the interpretation of the year’s conditions by Hospices winemaker Ludivine Griveau or by our Albert Bichot team in charge of ageing those precious wines to bring them to final maturity.

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