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Hospices de Beaune

Hospices de Beaune estate vintage 2020: early, intense and superbe – a full report by #1 buyer Albert Bichot


The 2020 vintage is the earliest ever harvest at the Hospices estate (completed on the 29th of August) and probably in Burgundy generally speaking. Through her vinifications, Ludivine Griveau adapted to the situation and did very well in both colours. Longer than usual cold macerations and 100% destemming helped to input a fresh side to a very solar vintage.

Vegetative cycle in perfect conditions from start to finish. Worth keeping in mind that the summer heatwave took place at the beginning of August for a few days only, just after veraison, blocking the maturity of the grapes and thus preventing them from creating (too much) sugar. The result: vital statistics for the grapes (sugar, tannins, acids) close to perfection. Sugar (hence alcohol) levels are lower than in 2019 in average. Acidity high in quantity and quality: a good sign for balance and freshness in all wines.

Yields are about the same as last year for reds (474 barrels) and better for whites with 156 barrels for sale in 2020.

For reds, colors are intense, nose are very exhuberant without heaviness or displeasing warmth. We have the enjoyable classical Burgundian Pinot Noir spectrum (red fruits, berries, currants) in all wines. Wines are all true to their appellation and terroir.

For whites, generosity and precision could be some keywords of the vintage. Tension is also here thanks to the acidity levels that are promising. 2020 has a pleasant, drink-me-know character but a discerning palate will already know that this vintage is also made for ageing and will stand the test of time. The upper level wines (all Corton, the Cфtes de Nuits magic trio) have this little something extra that make them special and promising, a bit like they were so in great vintages like 2005 or 2015. The more accessible wines from all villages and Beaune 1er Cru are solid wines that are definitively worth paying attention to. Some of them are even the best we tasted in years.

Congrats to Ludivine and her team for putting year after year so much effort into viticulture (this year again led in a 100% organic way) and precision winemaking. We will definitely have a great pleasure in ageing those wines in our cellars. Choosing the right blend of barrels (age, origin, toast level) to replace the new oak they are sold in will be a challenging exercice, as always. But our unique expertise and passion for Hospices wines will allow us to preserve Ludivine’s work whilst at the same time bring extra complexity for a splendid vintage.

Domaine des Hospices de Beaune 2020 vintage: the year’s conditions, Ludivine Griveau’s winemaking and presentation of the president Charity barrel in videos

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