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6. Legal age to access

To view this site, you must be above legal drinking age in your country for alcohol consumption. If you are under the legal age of drinking, please leave this site immediately. If you are under the legal age, please enjoy our wines responsibly. In some countries, it is illegal to consult our website as local law restricts the sale or promotion of alcohol-related material. If you consult this site from such a country, please leave immediately. If you don’t know the legal principles that apply to you, we recommend that you leave this site immediately and check your rights before pursuing. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Please drink responsibly.

7. Confidentialy Policy

  • Information collect

We may collect some information when you register on our website, connect to your account, make a purchase, take part to a poll and/or when you disconnect from our website. Information we collect include your name, email, telephone number(s) and / or credit card details (if and only you have placed an order with your card)

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  • Information use

All the information we collect may be used to
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  • Online sales confidentiality

We are the sole owners of the information gathered on this website. Your personal data will NOT be sold, exchanged or transferred to any other company than Albert Bichot without your consent, beyond what is necessary to answer your needs or a transaction, like for instance to fullfil or ship an orderd.

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We do not sell, exchange or transfer your personal data to third parties. This does not include trustful third parties that help us run our website or conduct our business, as long as those parties do keep your data confidential.

We think it is necessary to share your information to if it is to study, prevent or take measures agains illegal activities, frauds, or situations implying potential threats to the physical security of a person, infringement of our rights or when the law forces us to do so.

  • Information protection

We take a number of security solutions to preserve the safety of your personal data, like state of the art encryption technology. Only the employees who need to do a certain task (like invoicing, or customer service) can access your data. Computers and servers used to stock personal data are in a secure environment.

  • Do we use coookies?

Yes. This website uses cookies as almost all websites do, to help provide you with the best experience we can. Cookies are small data files that are sent from a website and stored on a user’s computer. They are used to store information that can be retrieved later in the visit or in future visits to the website. Cookies are not used to identify you personally.
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  • Consent to our confidentiality policy

By using our website, you agree and consent to our confidentiality policy

8. Credits

Website designed by MONOGRAMME
Photos: Jean-David Camus / Flore Deronzier / Maison Albert Bichot. All photos, icons and visual material on are strictly protected by copyright. It is strictly forbidden to copy and use those pictures on any material

Maps of Bourgogne coming from Les Vins de Bourgogne & The Wines of Burgundy by Sylvain Pitiot & Laurent Gotti (Collection Pierre Poupon – Hameau de Chevignerot – 21200 Beaune-Vignoles – with thanks to the authors. No copying.

Icons : Award by Luc Poupard, Euro by Patrick Trouvé, Present by collective, Reception Bell by Inn Style, Like by Marwa Boukarim, Bouquet by Dan Hetteix, Form by Jason Tropp, Wine Bottle by Fabio Meroni, Shopping Cart by Gonzalo Bravo, Gavel by Murali Krishna, Box & Map by Mourad Mokrane du Noun Project.


Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, please drink with moderation.