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Hospices de Beaune

Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er cru “Les Saint-Georges” cuvée Hughes Perdrizet: a new exceptional wine in the Hospices de Nuits porfolio

A new exceptional wine for sale at the 2022 auction: Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru “Les Saint-Georges” Cuvée Hughes Perdrizet

This is the second time winemaker Jean-Marc Moron crafts a very singular wine but vintage 2022 is the first time this cuvée is for sale within the general auction catalogue. This new cuvée Hughes Perdrizet is meant to be sold every year from now on.

This new wine bears the name of Hughes Perdrizet, the very first donator of vineyards to the Hospices (hospitale) several centuries ago.

This very peculiar wine is a work of art and craft: it comes from a selection of 400 vines that winemaker Jean-Marc Moron made himself in the old vines of “Les Saint-Georges” plot, the best climat in the Hospices de Nuits’s portfolio. Each vine was chosen and marked in advance, prior to harvest, for its potential to produce a small selection of the very best bunches of Pinot Noir at harvest time. Then it was harvested (hand picked of course!) by a small team, ahead of the rest of the other wines in the plot, and vinified separately in a small tank.

Our tasting notes: a very complex nose of rather red fruits with extreme aromatic finesse. The mouth follows suit with utter delicacy yet a very deep density. The inner energy of this wines is the sign of a very “vertical” wine. There is a specicif soul in this wine, beyond the the complexity of the terroir (and what terroir!). A really outstanding wine, showing the beautiful and excellent work of Jean-Marc Moron who looks – and finds – the best that this terroir can offer.

No doubt this new cuvée Hughes Perdrizet will be a major focus and success at the Hospices de Nuits-Saint-Geroges auction on the 12th of march 2023!

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