History: a winemaking-hospital for more than 5 centuries

In 1457, Jean Guillotte le Verrier gives vines to the Hôtel-Dieu founded in Beaune by Nicolas Rollin in 1443. This tradition has been pursued ever since and still exists today. Making a donation in the form of vines is a way for the ill people or their family to thank the Hospices institution, to insure its continued existence and be part of history! Many Hospices cuvées (wines) pay tribute to their benefactor, bearing the name of the people that gave the vines or plots that eventually enter the final wine.
Etiquette cuvées des Hospices de Beaune

The Hospices de Beaune: a flagship wine estate of 60 ha (including 85% of premier and grand crus)

The Hospices de Beaune estate is now spread on 60 ha, with 50 ha of Pinot Noir and 10 ha in Chardonnay. A clear proof of its superior quality is the fact that 85% of its vineyard is classified at premier and grand cru level. The plots of vines are mostly in and around Beaune (villages of Aloxe-Corton, Monthelie, Pommard, Volnay, Meursault), mostly a few miles away from Hôtel-Dieu and the new winery built in 1995. The Hospices de Beaune is also the proud owner of vineyards in the prestigious Côtes de Nuits area, with grands crus Mazis-Chambertin and Clos de La Roche. Click here to discover all the 50 wines from this prestigious wine Burgundian wine estate, that you can buy en primeur (as futures) at the auction each 3d Sunday of November with the support of Maison Albert Bichot, the #1buyer for the last 20 years.

Domaine des Hospices de Beaune en Bourgogne

Ludivine Griveau : winemaker of the Hospices de Beaune wines

Winemaker Ludivine Griveau crafts every year 50 different wines (called cuvées) from the mosaic of terroirs from the Hospices de Beaune estate. Most of the cuvées are the result of a harmonious blend of several terroirs from one appellation, which is also what makes the Hospices estate different from other Burgundy estates, that usually produce single vineyard wines. For instance, Beaune cuvées Nicolas Rollin is a wine made from 5 different spots (called “climats”) : Cent Vignes, En Genêts, Les Bressandes, Les Grèves and Les Teurons.
Some other wines follow the general Burgundy habit and come from one single specific plot. For example the cuvée Corton Grand Cru Clos du Roy Baronne du Baÿ comes only from a 0.84 ha plot in the Corton Clos du Roy appellation. This is also true for instance of the Mazis-Chambertin Grand Cru Madeleine Collignon, one of the most sought-after Hospices wines that won the Best red wine in the world Trophy at the 2018 International Wine Challenge, as you’ll discover here.
All wines are auctioned every third Sunday of November since 1859.

Ludivine Griveau

Great wines thanks to environmental-friendly viticulture and teamwork


The Hospices estate really respects the environment and the richness of the soils. Vines are cultivated in a sustainable way with viticulture technique similar to organic and a no-chemical input approach.

At the head of the Hospices de Beaune estate, Ludivine Griveau manages a team of 22 winegrowers. Each of them takes care of a small plot (less than 3 ha) : it is the best way to express the terroirs’ best.

Philippe Bergeret for instance looks after a plot of Pommard Noizons that will end up in the Pommard Cuvée Billardet wine. We followed him during one year in a video serie called « Des Hommes…et un Hôtel-Dieu ». (in French)